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*> If deciding a vote based on polls is crazy, then one should vote for
> their favorite party, regardless of what the polls say, ja?*

No, not if you deduce that Candidate #3 has virtually no chance of winning
but you sorta like, and Candidate #2 has a good chance but would probably
be stub your toe level bad, and Candidate #1 is already in power and so you
know for a fact is Chicxulub Extinction Event level bad. And if you don't
believe candidate #1 is really that bad then you haven't been paying
attention to the situation. I repeat what I said in 2016, there is a
ceiling on how much good even the very best president can do, but there is
no bottom to bad, so It is far *FAR* more important to avoid electing a
disastrous president than it is to elect a great one. A great president
would be nice to have but we can live without one, but we can not live with
a disastrous president for another 4 years and expect anything even close to
the Bill of Rights to survive.

*>  Since one’s vote is very important to minority parties, the way to not
> throw away your vote is to vote for the party which is most aligned with
> your own beliefs.*

Thanks to an idiotic clause in the US Constitution the only ones allowed to
vote for the President of the United States are the 538 members of the
Electoral College, and in 2016 I predicted that the Libertarian party would
not win one single electoral vote, and I was proven by events to be
correct. I repeat that same prediction today for the 2020 election, in fact
I predict the Libertarian Party will do considerably less well in this
election than in the last because some people, but unfortunately not all,
learn from their mistakes. You wasted your vote in 2016 and you're right on
track for making the exact same blunder again in 2020.

John K Clark
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