[ExI] Who has a vote that counts?

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>…I live in PA, so my vote definitely counts a lot.


>…I actually agree with John not only that voting in safe states will likely matter in what happens, but also that voting for Biden specifically will be more important than just voting against Trump, because Biden will be helped by tallies the same way Trump is hurt by them.


>…That being said, I still haven't convinced myself to vote for Biden instead of just not voting this year like I have been planning on.  Idk



Hey cool, I have an idea.  Since Will has identified himself as perhaps the only swinger here, we can write up all our political lip flapping and post it offlist to him specifically rather than continuing the dreary and wearisome droning.  Then when he tells us who he decided to vote for, we can celebrate or be disappointed, without having to worry about influencing the election.





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