[ExI] Who has a vote that counts?

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>…Apathy, disgust with two party system, hopelessness.


>…It may be harder to understand for older people.


>…We younger people have very little hope for the future.  While you guys were excited for the future as kids, young adults, and beyond, we have no hope.  Geopolitical instability is increasing, there are pandemics, climate change, and increasingly polarized and violent populations in many countries…Will




Will it is all in your (completely voluntary) perspective, me lad!  Your future is so very bright I really don’t see why there is such negativity.  For instance…  


Because of Covid quarantine, companies (good ones) have found ways to have more workers at home.  They are even doing training that way (cool!)  Then you have the option of living in a low cost area where you can supplement your office income or raise some of your food with a home garden, out where land is cheap and living is abundant!


We geezers never had that option.


Suggest turning off mainstream news sources and going with science and technology news sites.  Life is way better there, certainly more optimistic.


Cities appear to be eager to burn themselves down, but it is entirely possible that would eventually happen anyway.  Young people don’t need to live there.  You can have a rewarding career out where quality of life is great.  Life is good and getting better.







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