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>…The WWs in the US did not suffer from those. The Depression was a somewhat mixed bag in that regard. SR Ballard



Emmm, OK.  SR, do let me offer an alternative view please.


Young people today have *terrific* toys.  The video games, the cool stuff you have these days, oh my, if only I could buy a few more decades of life, I would have such fun.


Consider an idea I had while camping the last coupla wks.  If you or anyone take the idea and make a buttload, all I ask is that you use your fortune to promote world peace, while noting that buying me a Maserati and a condo at Mammoth promotes world peace like nobody’s business.


Perhaps you have seen those bicycle mounted trailers that proles use to haul their larvae: 




OK cool, now imagine one of those rigs but instead of putting your cub in there, you put an electric motor and some lithium batteries.  Then the car drivers give you some extra space and you look like a total jock, with the locals thinking you are hauling Junior, when really “Junior” is hauling you, by a driven axle pushing you along.


Or you could go the openly-lazy route and opt for a single-wheel cargo carrier, rig up a drive system, haul ass.  With that, the proles would have the option to just be pushed along or to contribute with the pedals.  Exercise, me lass!  That would be a kick!  You get to go outdoors, enjoy some sunshine, talk to your neighbors, make arrangements to copulate if you find a suitable candidate, generally do the kinds of things young people must do to get outta the under-30 funk.  


The control system on this is bonehead simple.  This whole concept is simple enough I might be able to rig up something right here at home.



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