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Sun Aug 2 04:42:22 UTC 2020

It’s my hope that the national mood for younger people improves. And I see signs that it might in the mid-range. I see right now, economically, as 2008/9. But that means that better things are on the way, even though people don’t see it yet.

I think that many Baby Boomers will be “meeting their life expectancy” soon, which will allow current middle management to move up and more houses to become available. I also think Covid will probably reduce housing prices if there isn’t a vaccine ASAP, due to economic woes. 

“Defund the police” will probably lead to more “social work” jobs, something many people are interested in. 

There is a case for optimism but I think most younger people aren’t viewing it that way. 

SR Ballard

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>> > As well, there are likely hundreds to thousands of pilfered cold-war
>> warheads in the hands of god knows who.
>> What evidence can you cite that makes you think this?
> I'll take the L on that one (contemporary parlance, 'take the loss', i.e. admit error)--it was nuclear material I was thinking of, not weapons.  There are a few missing nukes but nowhere near hundreds, though apparently there was some stir about ~100 lost suitcase nukes around the early 2000s.  Also, who knows which parties have Israeli nukes.  Obviously countries would not want to spread these things around but, just given the way nuclear strategy works, it makes sense for a nuclear power to have secret nuclear sharing agreements.  I would reckon there are American, Russian, &c. nuclear weapons stashed around the world held by players to be activated only in case those cards need to be played.
> And yes, malaise is certainly the vibe among the youth these days.  SR's post summed things up very well.
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