[ExI] Meaning in life (Was: Who has a vote that counts?)

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On 01/08/2020 07:52, Someone, not clear who, wrote:
>> Decline of religiousity means decreased social networks and lack of 
> meaning in life

I find that at least misguided, if not obnoxious. It's the sort of thing I'd
expect a religious apologist to say, not someone on this list.

You can possibly argue about the social networks aspect, and at least that
is quantifiable, but the remark about meaning in life is totally
unacceptable. It's another form of the specious 'Atheists must be very sad
people' meme that the god-squad keep trotting out.

Ben Zaiboc


Ben what atheists really need is something to replace what churches once
provided back in the days when most people went to one.  Bars and nightclubs
kinda sorta do that for some people I suppose but it doesn't work well for
those of us who don't do chemicals of any kind and aren't big sports people.

We have a local chapter of Boring People, but I was thrown out for being
interesting.  The interesting people won't have me because I am too boring.
There is no place for those who are exactly between interesting and boring.
Now I have no social contacts.

We atheists should be ready to admit the obvious: Religion Inc. does offer
some social benefits which are hard to replace.


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