[ExI] Meaning in life (Was: Who has a vote that counts?)

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Unitarian Universalists accept atheists.

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> On 01/08/2020 07:52, Someone, not clear who, wrote:
> >> Decline of religiousity means decreased social networks and lack of
> > meaning in life
> I find that at least misguided, if not obnoxious. It's the sort of thing
> I'd
> expect a religious apologist to say, not someone on this list.
> You can possibly argue about the social networks aspect, and at least that
> is quantifiable, but the remark about meaning in life is totally
> unacceptable. It's another form of the specious 'Atheists must be very sad
> people' meme that the god-squad keep trotting out.
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> Ben Zaiboc
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> Ben what atheists really need is something to replace what churches once
> provided back in the days when most people went to one.  Bars and
> nightclubs
> kinda sorta do that for some people I suppose but it doesn't work well for
> those of us who don't do chemicals of any kind and aren't big sports
> people.
> We have a local chapter of Boring People, but I was thrown out for being
> interesting.  The interesting people won't have me because I am too boring.
> There is no place for those who are exactly between interesting and boring.
> Now I have no social contacts.
> We atheists should be ready to admit the obvious: Religion Inc. does offer
> some social benefits which are hard to replace.
> spike
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