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>> …and in 2016 I predicted… John K Clark


> …that we would be in a nuclear war in 2017, ja we know.




John K Clark




My mistake, you didn’t specify nuclear war.  Only a possible “ extinction level event.”


“…just turn s​ out to be a very bad presadent and not an​ extinction level event…”


We are not extinct as far as I can tell.  Here’s where we were in 2016:



>…He's already done it on Twitter but I want Trump to do it in
the debate for all the world to see that this is the sort of man who's
asking for your vote, this is the sort of man who wants to control the
world's most powerful nuclear arsenal… John K Clark  18 Oct 2016


>…This is why I've insulted Trump so often lately, I want to get it out of my

system now while I still can, if I do it after January 20 1917 I could end

up in one of Trump's concentration camps with the millions of other people

he wants to deport…​ John K Clark​  22 Oct 2016


​>…Forget the list, is ANYTHING ​going to continue after the election? I
don't know, all I know is that there are 2 bullets in the 6-shooter aimed
at our head and the trigger gets pulled on Tuesday. And some people still
think a protest vote is a good idea!!  John K Clark  4 November 2016


>… The thought of hundreds of macho FBI agents feverishly
combing through Weiner's computer and finding nothing but dick pictures
would be comical if it didn't lead to a 35% chance of Donald Trump becoming
president and the end of the world as we know it…John K Clark  6 November 2016


>…Two bullets are loaded into the six shooter. The cylinder is spun at
random. The revolver is pointed at your head. The trigger is pulled. The
hammer falls and .... John K Clark  8 November 2016


​>…If Hugh Everett's interpretation of Quantum Mechanics is correct then that
will certainly happen in some universe; we'll know in about 12 hours if
we're lucky enough to be living in it.​..John K Clark​   8 November 2016


​>…Yes, as all will discover when Trump and the Republican controlled
congress change the libel laws so a sitting president can sue a newspaper
or website out of existence if they say something about the commander in
chief he doesn't like… 9 November 2016
>…but at this point angry words serve no purpose, all I can do now is hope I was wrong about him and he just turn s​ out to be a very bad presadent and not an​ extinction level event.  S​o I will say no more about Trump…  9 November 2016




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