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> *My mistake, you didn’t specify nuclear war.  Only a possible “
> extinction level event.”*

And I stand by that statement! The fact that a man as unstable and ignorant
as Donald J Trump has control of thousands of H-Bombs has every day for the
last 3 1/2 years increased the likelihood that another Chicxulub level
Extinction event will occur. It hasn't happened yet but each day he remains
in power increases the chance that it will. But the odds are on our side,
even if Trump is reelected I would estimate there's a 75% chance such a
disaster will NOT happen and you and everybody you know or have even heard
of will NOT be vaporized in the next 4 years. But even if Humans survive
there's virtually no chance the US Constitution or anything in the Bill Of
Rights would survive, not even the most important part, or at least the
most important part to most Trump fans, the second amendment.

By the way, even many Trump supporters were absolutely horrified by his
comments about delaying the election, but I'm sure that didn't bother you
one teeny tiny bit, I'm sure you can find some excuses for them, I can't
imagine what they would be but you're always good at finding excuses for

John K Clark
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