[ExI] Who has a vote that counts?

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>> My mistake, you didn’t specify nuclear war.  Only a possible “ extinction level event.”

>…And I stand by that statement! …  


OK.  Noted and archived.  I disagree.

>…By the way, even many Trump supporters were absolutely horrified by his comments about delaying the election, but I'm sure that didn't bother you one teeny tiny bit, I'm sure you can find some excuses for them, I can't imagine what they would be but you're always good at finding excuses for Trump.  John K Clark



That one is easy for two reasons: I wasn’t horrified because I am not a Trump follower.  Jorgensen is my favorite of this bunch of yahoos.  Secondly, it doesn’t matter if POTUS wants to delay an election, because POTUS doesn’t control that process,  states do.  Ours is the United States, not the United People of America.  It’s a feature, not a bug.


States run elections, they figure out who gets to go to the Electoral College, the Supreme Court decides who won at the EC in December, new POTUS sworn in by SCOTUS on 20 January, POTUS has no say in any of that.


It’s a great system.  I love the constitution.  The anvil wears out the hammers.



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