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> >>…By the way, even many Trump supporters were absolutely horrified by
>> his comments about delaying the election, but I'm sure that didn't bother
>> you one teeny tiny bit, I'm sure you can find some excuses for them, I
>> can't imagine what they would be but you're always good at finding excuses
>> for Trump.  John K Clark
> *I wasn’t horrified*

Well of course you weren't, I'm not one bit surprised.

> *because I am not a Trump follower. *

I'm not a Trump supporter either, but I sure as hell was *HORRIFIED**!*

> *POTUS doesn’t control that process*

So POTUS can't violate the Constitution because the Constitution says
POTUS can't
violate the Constitution, and the Constitution is as unbreakable as the
Second Law of Thermodynamics. And that's why no politician in the history
of the world has ever violated the Constitution of the nation he is in, and
no nation has ever drifted into totalitarianism. So stop being vigilant and
the next time Trump does something outrageous (aka tomorrow), don't worry,
be happy, and just smile.

 John K Clark
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