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>…Maybe we could find a document (such as the Humanist Manifesto) or create one that includes all of our beliefs… bill w



There is a transhumanist manifesto of sorts, the Extropian Principals, which is how a lot of us got here to start with.  When I read this document in about Autumn 1993, it was ELECTRIFYING!  Like a bolt from the clear sky.  I remember thinking, this cat is saying what I have been thinking for a long time:




Until I went looking for this, I didn’t realize how much our own Giulio Prisco did back in the olden days.  Giulio, weren’t you one of the lads at Extro3?  4?  I think we met briefly, ja?  You were the guy who had that nice suit as I recall.  There were four in your group as I vaguely recall, and you guys all had that style thing going big time.  I got to thinking: OK, if this is an example of Italian people, no wonder they build such cool-looking cars.








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