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Mon Aug 3 13:20:02 UTC 2020

Spike has assured me that looking after the Exi list requires only very occasional intervention and I hope to continue on that well-trodden path.

The main problem I see at present is that our current national (USA) politics has gone crazy. Arguments about crazy politics on the Exi list is futile and upsets many list members. This upset spreads into other threads that have nothing to do with politics.
There is a huge selection of popular channels on social media where people enjoy arguments about today's political scandals. So there should be no problem with the small number of Exi list members avoiding rowdy arguments here about the many failings of current politicians. All of us are very well aware of the current divisive political problems and the Exi list intends to provide a welcome break from the continual political stress.

Please Note: This is not just a suggestion.

I don't have time to moderate individual posts to the Exi list.
Therefore pointless inflammatory political posts will result in one warning to stop that behavior.
Ignoring the warning will result in a one week ban from the Exi list to provide time for tempers to cool down.
Further action should not be required.

Let's try and be optimistic and look to a brighter future!


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