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Subject: [ExI] Exi List Supervision


>…Spike has assured me that looking after the Exi list requires only very occasional intervention and I hope to continue on that well-trodden path.


>…The main problem I see at present is that our current national (USA) politics has gone crazy. Arguments about crazy politics on the Exi list is futile and upsets many list members. …


>…Let's try and be optimistic and look to a brighter future!





Thanks ExiMod!  


I have half a mind to contact some of the old timers who gave up on us, see if I can cajole them into dropping back in just to say hello if nothing else, explain there is a new sheriff in town and we intend to keep it sane.  


Last I heard from Eugen Leitl was about 6 yrs ago, but I think I can find him again.  I heard Amara Graps was dealing with some challenges but she always wrote cool interesting stuff.  I don’t know where the heck Samantha Adkins went.  Lee Corbin has passed on, Hal Finney is gone, and I fear another one of the good guys from Massachusetts has taken the old LN2 bath as well.  I know some others who might still be around somewhere on the planet.  Other suggestions please?  If you have former ExI-er friends who went away see if you can get them to stop by please.



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