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Sheesh, now I am catching obsessive compulsiveness.  Help me, BillW wan
Kenobi, you're my only hope.


I went over to the Stanislaus county covid site, and again I see the
same-ish pattern: if you take the number of new covid cases per day, then
look forward from that day a coupla weeks, it looks like about half a
percent on average of the proles who catch that malady perish.  We were told
it was about 3%.  


Stan county also had its disclaimer:






Cumulative number of COVID-related deaths as reported by local health
department, beginning March 19, 2020. This determination is made by local
health departments based on the cause of death reported on death
certificates. It is expected that, to be counted, COVID is the cause of
death or at least a contributing factor to the death. COVID-related deaths
are also counted in "Positive Cases".



Oy vey, now we are three for three: the county where I reside and the
closest other two are all counting proles who died WITH covid with those who
died OF covid.  


The determination is made by the county coroner.  She passes the data on up
to the state, the state makes the decision on when schools can open and to a
large extent what businesses can stay open.


Here's where we are:




California Department of Public Health ordered the closure of indoor
operations for the following sectors:

*	Restaurants
*	Wineries and Tasting Rooms
*	Family Entertainment Centers
*	Movie Theaters
*	Zoos and Museums
*	Cardrooms
*	Fitness Centers
*	Worship Services
*	Offices for Non-Critical Sectors
*	Hair Salons and Barbershops
*	Malls

All is not lost:


These sectors may modify operations to provide services outside or by


Might just go over, hang out in the parking lot outside the local cat house.


Sheesh, the governor is making biggity big decisions based on guesses and
maybes.  Businesses are perishing.


Oh mercy.


Friends if you have nothing better to do (or when you get back from the
parking lot gawking) please look up your county's or nation's covid website
and see if they offer this kind of disclaimer.



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