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I live in Santa Clara County CA, but within walking distance of the next
county so (after all this time) it finally occurred to me I should be
tracking covid fatalities there as well.  I found the graphs on their site.
Then. I found these comments in their disclaimers:



. The County only provides this data as a resource, but does not, and
cannot, confirm or guarantee the accuracy of the data.
. Cumulative deaths are for both positive cases and suspected cases.
. Some of these deaths may include residents who had COVID-19, but died of
something else. Given these complexities, fatality totals may not exactly
match other data sources or, in some instances, the death may be double
counted in more than one data source such as county-level fatality totals..


. All data are provided to offer a snapshot of COVID-19 and does not imply
wrongdoing on the part of the facility.




Hmmm, OK then.  Decisions are being made based on data we cannot confirm,
listed and graphed as covid deaths, when the fine print admits they might be
double-counted, and that it includes people who had covid-19 but died of
something else.  Think about that.  I have seen exactly two county websites
and both have that disclaimer on their charts.  SHEESH!  


Conclusion: decisions on the life or death of a business are being made by
county health departments based on data of unknown quality (but we are
assured it does not imply wrongdoing on the part of the facility (the
hospital or nursing home (oy vey, thanks a bunch for that helpful comment
(as my friend's business dies of starvation.))))


Suggestions or comments welcome please.



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