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> Hmmm, OK then.  Decisions are being made based on data we cannot confirm, listed and graphed as covid deaths, when the fine print admits they might be double-counted, and that it includes people who had covid-19 but died of something else.  Think about that.  I have seen exactly two county websites and both have that disclaimer on their charts.  SHEESH!
Conclusion: decisions on the life or death of a business are being made by county health departments based on data of unknown quality (but we are assured it does not imply wrongdoing on the part of the facility (the hospital or nursing home (oy vey, thanks a bunch for that helpful comment (as my friend’s business dies of starvation.))))


Suggestions or comments welcome please.


>…No I don't think my comments would be welcome because under this new regime some are allowed to make political comments and summer not. 


John K Clark



John please study that paragraph you quoted and show anything political please?  I can’t find it.  It is about data, county health departments offering data caveats then these somehow evaporating on the way up to the state, where big decisions are being made, which determine if businesses live or die.


I see nothing political at all there.


Are you claiming this data cannot be handled without political considerations?  


I think it can: the state level sites must include the data caveats freely offered by their own sources, ja?




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