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>.Sheesh, now I am catching obsessive compulsiveness.  ...


>.Stan county also had its disclaimer:





	Cumulative number of COVID-related deaths as reported by local
health department. It is expected that, to be counted, COVID is the cause of
death or at least a contributing factor to the death.



>.Oy vey. mercy.  Spike



I am officially freaking out.  I went to two different California state
covid dashboards, one run by the University of California and the other by
LA Times.  Both sites acknowledged that the data sources are the county
health departments, neither site included a disclaimer on how the deaths are
counted, even though caveats are clearly spelled out on the county sites.


Neither state level site included a disclaimer on how covid deaths are


Now I am going in search of any California state covid dashboard which has
somewhere on that site a comment or disclaimer.


It concerns me that uncertainty in data is being lost as it travels up.






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