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>> ...  Both sites acknowledged that the data sources are the county health
departments, neither site included a disclaimer on how the deaths are
counted, even though caveats are clearly spelled out on the county sites.

>...If deaths were half or two x, would it make any difference?


Ja sure would.  If the mortality rate for covid really is about half a
percent, then covid isn't all that different from other flu epidemics.  Then
the whole shutdown notion was a huge epic failure, with enormous cost and
consequences.  If we decide we are going to shut down the economy for every
flu epidemic, many businesses are not feasible and many investments are no
longer profitable.

There's more to it.  If the covid mortality rate is similar to other strains
of flu, we have been mass manipulated and deceived.  The level of societal
destruction directly or indirectly responsible for the induced hysteria is
difficult to estimate.

If the mortality rate really is about 3%, everything humanity did in
response makes sense.  If it is half a percent, nothing this species did
makes sense.


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