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> What should be the cutoff between can and cannot?  If we eliminate or ignore small countries where a small error makes a huge difference and only focus on big countries, Belgium is the hardest hit in the world with UK close behind, if measured in deaths per capita.  Oh those outfits have high numbers, mercy.
> However… both of those places have very plausible arguments for why their numbers are so high, which has nothing to do with schools: Brussels is kinda sorta the capital of Europe (depending on how you look at it) and London is the financial capital of the world (depending on how you look at it) so those places just have a lotta international travel.  Spain, Peru, Italy, all better stay home.
> Borderline cases: Sweden, Chile, USA, France, Brazil, all with borderline numbers.  I don’t know how the other nations work, but the authority on public schools in the USA is at the state level, so I think we would need to break that down by state to make sense of it.
> We also should pay attention to what Belgium is saying: these numbers are not comparable because they are not being counted the same way.  I have half a mind to believe them.  The Belgians seem honest to me: some of my own ancestors are from there (if we go back to the early 1700s.)
> Schools are a special case.  Patrons patronize a business by choice, but children must go to school (in some form or other (by law (in the US.)))
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Hi Spike

This article just arrived.  Looks like useful information.


One quote I noticed was :
Communities can use three basic metrics for assessing the virus’s
spread: COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and how many tests for
SARS-CoV-2 are coming back positive. There are no magic numbers for
these metrics, Armstrong says; instead of looking at one day or one
value, it’s important to look at trends over the course of two weeks.
“If your trends are not coming down, then there’s a problem,” she

So if areas are using different counting methods you can't compare
areas, but you can look at the trends in each area.


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