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Wed Aug 5 08:17:35 UTC 2020

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> The governor has some influence on how we start school in 9 days, but ironically? the people who may have the most direct influence are members of the county health department, who can shut us down if we don?t pass their inspection.  But we don?t know who they are, because they? are? not? elected.  Think about that for a minute.  Oy vey, mercy.  Unelected bureaucrats can overrule everything we are trying to do.

Ah, Spike, think about this a bit.  Do you want elected people who may
not know anything about public health making public health decisions?

A *lot* of the teachers are relatively old.  I think they have good
reason to be concerned about dying of COVID.

If you want to do something useful, try proposing teachers wear the
powered HEPA filters and helmet the COVID ICU nurses wear.  The nurses
work for months in a virus saturated environment and few if any of
them get sick.  Retail, they are around $700, but in quantity probably
half that much or less.

There is a much lower cost and slightly related way to protect the
students, we could talk about on the phone.

You are an engineer.  This is an engineering problem.

I think finding and getting a solution tried and accepted is a lot
more useful than worrying about relatively small distortions in the
death records of counties.


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