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>>... Keith thanks for that post.  It was one of the most insight-filled 
> commentaries I have seen here, not a trace of political content or 
> campaigning,

>...Thanks for the compliment.  My actual thoughts on the current situation
puts John in the shade.  Worse, I understand the stone age origins of the
situation even if I fail to pass that understanding to many on this list.
(it is somewhat involved.)... Keith

Keith you have not failed to pass understanding on evolutionary psychology.
If you don't hear echos to your sonar pings, it is more likely because there
is nearly universal agreement, and we don't know enough about that topic to
contribute anything you haven't already thought circles around.  

I read you EP paper and found very little to question.  We damn sure do have
some kind of DNA-coded behaviors within which evolved under very different
conditions, and some are hurting us, perhaps the most obvious one: the urge
to squeeze out multible larvae onto a planet with already way too many of us
crawling and writhing about.


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