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I don't know that your assertion on current R0s for CV-19 compared to the
flu is accurate.   I will acknowledge that it is not the same R0 as if we
did absolutely nothing, but even in hotspots, it is not extremely high with
social distancing/large gathering bans implemented.

See the current breakdown by state:


RT live is another site that attempts to track Rt as close to real time
as possible:

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> *> I still have seen zero evidence that this is much worse than the flu
>> from a fatality rate standpoint*
> The COVID-19 fatality rate is not much worse than the garden-variety
> non-1918 flu, but it can still kill far more people because its infection
> rate is much higher; the number of Americans who have become infected with
> COVID-19 has jumper from 15 people on February 15 to 4,950,144 people today
> August 4, an increase of 54,504 infections just since yesterday. With just
> 4% of the world's population the USA now has 26.25% of all the COVID-19
> infections in the entire world. Anyone who does not find that rate of
> growth terrifying does not understand the situation.
>  John K Clark
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