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>…Spike, this is not an abstract discussion about philosophy this is a matter of life and death; do you really think you have the expertise to tell all the epidemiologists and statisticians on the planet how to do their job…


John K Clark 



I don’t know if I answered your question John.  I don’t need to tell epidemiologists and statisticians how to do their jobs, for they already know: never throw away uncertainty caveats in data.


I do urge that every site reporting covid fatalities carry the caveat offered at the collection level: these are patients who died WITH Covid-19 but not necessarily die OF Covid-19.  So, just carry the caveat all the way up in these terms:


Covid-19 fatalities herein did not necessarily die of Covid-19.


Now isn’t that simple?  Just carry those 9 words all the way up.  Statisticians know to do this.  Engineers and scientists know to do this.  Doctors know to do this.  They don’t need me to tell them.



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