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>…Do reframe your Hexaco question please… spike


>…In my case, I do wear one indoors partly as a consideration for others - and also here it is required.  I would do so even if not required.  As it seems that it is not about prevention for oneself but about protecting others, that is my reason.  So, a bit of disagreement here.  Unless there is a crowd, wearing one outdoors is unnecessary in my opinion.


All personality factors under discussion are mostly, up to 2/3s, genetic, so you are right that people come that way for the most part.


What question do you want me to rephrase?   bill w





In the context of wearing a mask, much is lost.  Outdoors, there is a wide disparity on opinion regarding their efficacy, so the choice isn’t really indicative of attitude regarding consideration of others.  Indoors it is required (the shop owner can (and probably will) hurl you out if you refuse to wear it) so that doesn’t indicate considerations for others either.


What can we use as a measurable and visible proxy for consideration for others?  How about… participation in charity food drives and such as that?





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