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>.The annual huge bike rally at Sturgis South Dakota is going forth.  We
science-minded sorts will get some fresh useful data in a coupla weeks from
tens of thousands of mine-canaries on bikes.Good luck bikers. spike



If what I understand about covid is correct, this rally damn sure should be
a super-spreader event:




Much of the event is outdoors, lots of burger grilling and beer swilling,
outdoor picnic style dining, coat and tie not required, just a bit on the
informal side.  But there is also plenty of indoor crowded sports-bar-style
drinking, cheering at the wet T-shirt contest and so forth, but here's the
thing: the authorities can't be blamed.  The Sturgis crowd is coming anyway,
never mind if the rally is cancelled, no matter if it is illegal.  That
crowd gives not a damn what the governor or POTUS or the county sheriff
thinks (they can't arrest a quarter of a million bikers.)


If this rally doesn't cause a big breakout, then I don't understand why.





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