[ExI] sturgis rolls on

Stuart LaForge avant at sollegro.com
Sat Aug 8 18:40:59 UTC 2020

Quoting Spike:

> There is a risk that if there is a huge outbreak at Sturgis, those bikers
> come from every state in the union and they will be riding back home next
> week.  We science-minded sorts will get some fresh useful data in a coupla
> weeks from tens of thousands of mine-canaries on bikes.

I am hardly surprised, since per capita motorcycle fatalities in 2017  
were 59.34 per 100,000. This is more than the fatality rate of  
COVID-19 here in the U.S. which is 47.9 per 100,000.


The lifestyle/hobby of bikers is more dangerous than the coronavirus  
so for them, COVID-19 is just a spicy cold. As long as the bikers stay  
out nursing homes, everything should be fine. Sturgis is just for a  
few days long and then they will return to their home states and  
contribute to herd-immunity. The longer the lockdown continues, the  
more people will develop obesity, diabetes, and other underlying  
conditions that render them susceptible to the virus as well as put  
them more at risk of death in general. And if allowed to continue for  
too long, the lockdown could wind up killing more people than the  
virus in the long run. Factor in the stress from job-loss, evictions,  
poverty, depression, suicide, and homelessness and the lockdown itself  
become a public health nightmare. The virus only kills the  
susceptible. The lockdown, on the other hand, is killing everybody.

The sooner we put this pandemic behind us by way herd-immunity,  
vaccination, or mass civil-disobedience, the better.

Stuart LaForge

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