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>…1) We don't make CubeSats.  Our customers make them; we launch them…  Adrian



Well ja, but if you get the launcher biz all worked out, you will find the same thing the other space companies did: the real money is in the payloads.  Reasoning, as the launcher designer, you already know exactly how to test the payloads, how to interface the payload to your launcher, how to minimize weight, how to get the most bang for your customer’s buck and all that, particularly because you can hire locals who have lots of experience who will work cheap because they never found suitable jobs after the 2009 experience in Sunnyvale.


The bread is in the bird, not in the nest.


Adrian note please: I am not discouraging your efforts, on the contrary, I am encouraging it heartily and cheerfully.  Without the nest, there is no bird.  Just sayin’ if you work out that launcher biz, there are a hundred ways to make money on designing, optimizing and integrating payloads.




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