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> Ja thanks for that, I think you are right Adrian.  Your company is mostly
> intellectual property, so you have inherent credibility on the riskiness of
> manufacturing stuff in China (speculating you have considered the
> benefits/risks of making CubeSat products there.)

1) We don't make CubeSats.  Our customers make them; we launch them.  (We
could in theory launch Chinese-made CubeSats, but the US government would
likely insist on inspecting them, during import via customs, to make sure
they're not weapons.)

2) It's not even a choice for us.  Our products are regulated under ITAR
precisely to prevent us from seriously considering making them in China (or
most other places outside the US), because the US government knows quite
well that the Chinese (and several other governments) would rip us off in a
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