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Sun Aug 9 18:45:01 UTC 2020

A few days ago I asked BillK how our British friends were doing their schools.  As I recall he expressed vague skepticism perhaps.  I saw this today.  Boris wants the schools open.  He doesn’t have the authority to make them open as far as I know (not sure how the British system works (the queen can’t just order off with their heads the way they did back in the old days.))




Sounds like their political system with schools is like the US in a lotta ways.  Somehow those British schools teach them to talk like the Beatles.  Damned if I can figure out how they do that, but it seems to work somehow.  This leaves me with a remaining question.  If American kids hafta take English classes, do English kids hafta take American classes?  The mind boggles.


Actually that wasn’t my remaining question.  We are still seeing big numbers in both USA and UK and both countries are facing some pretty similar problems.  There aughta be a way to learn from each other.




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