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An alternative explanation proposing a Hezbollah arms depot.   One of the claims is that ammonium nitrate smoke is yellow, not the reddish/orange seen.  


I'd be interested to hear Spike's thoughts on this thread.   It's pretty extensive:







Hi Dylan,


I have some more study and calculation to do, but that site you posted has some really useful info, such as a way to estimate the velocity of that shock wave.  I need to study the size of those buildings in the photo to see if I can estimate how far the boat is from the blast, then I can estimate the time it takes the wave to arrive at the boat, to pick off a velocity.


Regarding yellow smoke for ammonium nitrate: I would interpret the big reddish column as other stuff burning before the heat ever reached the ammonium nitrate.  It wouldn’t be burning NH4NO3, then exploding.  I would think the stuff would explode as soon as any of it got hot enough, then that detonates the rest of it.


Dunno man.  We have some measurements and calculations to do before we know for sure, but it looks consistent with ammonium nitrate to me.  Granted 3000 tons of the stuff is a lotta fertilizer.  That would take a lotta room to store all that, so it would hafta be a big warehouse.


Those are some astonishing videos.  Lotsa physics in explosions.



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