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> I stay with what is now the plurality opinion on our advisory board: when
in doubt, keep em out.
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>...I think I agree. I would let other schools reopen first and see what the
results are. It might be safe, it might not be.
What always worries me when experts talk about only 0.1% risk of death is
that it is actually 100% for the children who die and 0% for the rest. That
might be fine for the risk of catching a cold, but for death - not so good.



Thanks BillK, I agree.

We have some data from Georgia just coming in: apparently a school did open
and they now have 9 new cases.

Your comment about headmasters really rang true.  The California governor
can order the schools to close but cannot order them to open.  The county
can likewise set standards unlikely to be met by public schools (private
schools can start back up (some are)) which is the functional equivalent of
having the authority to order schools closed.

But when both of those guys give the go-ahead, the local superintendent and
principal (our headmasters) must agree that school is safe before they can
be re-stuffed with students who are required to go to school, in some

So... for now, we are bringing the challenged cases back to the classrooms,
but it will be about 20% capacity, which is OK in my view, and is likely the
best available compromise.  Even with that, there is a risk, but we cannot
escape risk.

As if there are not already enough levels of subtlety and complexity, we are
wrestling with what happens if a student is assigned to study at home, then
disengages?  It is unclear how to call a student to campus after the school
year has started.  That is not my concern at this point however.


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