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> Knowing that staying back from school has its own (sometimes severe) costs in quality of life, still I have failed to convince myself to change my stance: it sure looks to me like in-person learning at the high school presents a hell of a risk, and I am unable to recommend it, even though I see the benefits.
> I hear that young people are less susceptible, sure OK.  I accept that the risk of outdoor transmission is low.  But I still reject the notion that classroom-filling is anywhere near safe enough with these numbers.  I stay with what is now the plurality opinion on our advisory board: when in doubt, keep em out.
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I think I agree. I would let other schools reopen first and see what
the results are. It might be safe, it might not be.
What always worries me when experts talk about only 0.1% risk of death
is that it is actually 100% for the children who die and 0% for the
rest. That might be fine for the risk of catching a cold, but for
death - not so good.


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