[ExI] Bill Gates on Covid: Most US Tests Are ‘Completely Garbage’

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Subject: [ExI] Bill Gates on Covid: Most US Tests Are ‘Completely Garbage’


Bill Gates on Covid: Most US Tests Are ‘Completely Garbage’ <https://www.wired.com/story/bill-gates-on-covid-most-us-tests-are-completely-garbage/> 


John K Clark



I came to similar conclusions in April, not just because the tests are unreliable but because not everyone gets tested (I still haven’t (fortunately I haven’t perished yet either.))  Furthermore, the results vary so much, the data just doesn’t make sense.


The tests done during autopsies are reliable however, for they test for antibodies.  Furthermore, the results are far more consistent with each other.


Conclusion: the number that counts is the fatalities per capita.


We accept that it introduces uncertainty from the whole WITH vs OF ambiguity, but a reasonable estimate can be made by subtracting average background death rate from 2020 death rate and assume +/- about 20%.  Then we assume that these excess fatalities really were covid-related.


Granted that the new fatality rate includes increased suicides related to failed businesses, dramatically increased murder rate in the inner cities and so on, but one can argue that those (in a sense) are covid related, if we also argue that the riots are also (indirectly) covid-related (sorta) because the death that kicked off riot season, George Floyd, died with covid.


Data jockeys, is the death rate in your state or nation different this year from the average of the last 5 years?  By how much?







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