[ExI] Bill Gates on Covid: Most US Tests Are ‘Completely Garbage’

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Subject: [ExI] Bill Gates on Covid: Most US Tests Are ‘Completely Garbage’


Bill Gates on Covid: Most US Tests Are ‘Completely Garbage’ <https://www.wired.com/story/bill-gates-on-covid-most-us-tests-are-completely-garbage/> 


John K Clark




>…Data jockeys, is the death rate in your state or nation different this year from the average of the last 5 years?  By how much?...spike


This site says in the US, about 860 fatalities per 100k proles:




Since the start of covid, the Worldometer site says 165,766 in the USA have perished of or with covid, so do let us skip the whole “that’s data from half an hour ago” silliness and just estimate it will be about 170,000 a few minutes from now.  




There is little reason to labor past 2 significant digits for this exercise, for it is an estimate.


The USA has a population of about 330 million, so if we take about 170k, divide by 330M, multiply by 100k, I am getting an excess death rate of about 50 fatalties per 100k over the average of about 860, which we can presume is somehow related to covid.


So, we had 860 per 100k-prole before, now in our troubled times we get about 50 more, of or with covid.  This epidemic increased our death rate by around 6 to 7%, somewhere in that range.  


UKers, and others, what happens if you do the same calculus with your state or nation?  Henry, please can you do this for your neighborhood (Brazil?) and BillK please?  Have we Italians among us?








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