[ExI] Bill Gates on Covid: Most US Tests Are ‘Completely Garbage’

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Subject: [ExI] Bill Gates on Covid: Most US Tests Are ‘Completely Garbage’


 <https://www.wired.com/story/bill-gates-on-covid-most-us-tests-are-completely-garbage/> Bill Gates on Covid: Most US Tests Are ‘Completely Garbage’

I came to similar conclusions in April, 


Spike, I wish you'd read the entire interview, and not just the headline, and tell me if you agree with Bill Gates or not.  I certainly do! Gates is not saying all Colvin 19 tests are garbage, just those conducted by the USA, because regardless of how accurate the test may be if it takes 10 days to two weeks to get the results, and not 15 minutes as in most other parts of the world, then the tests are, although perhaps of some historical value, completely useless as a tool for slowing the spread of the virus…


I agree with that.  I have never seen testing as an effective tool for this.  I haven’t seen these tests available at the drug store.  I don’t even know where I would get one.  Even if I could, I don’t know how we would protect against counterfeit test kits.  Do you?

>>… Conclusion: the number that counts is the fatalities per capita.


>…But you won't even accept that evidence that this pandemic is serious business…


I do accept that this pandemic is serious business.


>… you'll just say the excess deaths were caused not by the virus but by people dying from a broken heart…


I am not saying that.  We can assume the excess deaths in 2020 were caused by covid.  I have no argument with it.


>…because liberals forced them to shut down their businesses…


I didn’t say anything about that because I have no indications on the political leanings of the county health departments and principals who made those calls.  They aren’t elected officials.  I know nothing and care nothing about the political leanings of Bill Gates, the people who are making and selling covid test kits or the people deciding if it is safe to open the schools, the final decision being that of the principal.  The principal and I have never discussed politics, so I have no idea where he is on that.  I never discussed political matters with the superintendent either.  Everything isn’t politics.  Sometimes it isn’t an opportunity, it really is only a crisis.  


>…It seems there are no logical contortions some people will not undergo if that's what it takes to avoid changing their worldview in any way… John K Clark


Nothing I have seen in this dataset challenges my world view in the least.  I agree fast tests are good.  I don’t know where to get those.  Do you?  Do tell.


Regardless of fast test or no test, the number we need to watch in order to make the call on schools will be fatalities per capita.  That one isn’t subject to the whims of who tests and who does not.  The coroner tests every customer, and all she needs to do is find antibodies to consider her customer a covid death.  That kit is highly reliable and there are enough of them.



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