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Covidiots for Science: Kansas Governor Laura Kelly ordered masks worn statewide to fight the coronavirus starting July 3 — but counties are allowed to opt out. Only 15 counties, representing about two-thirds of Kansas’s population, adopted the mandate; the other 90 counties didn’t. Kansas Department of Health and Environment Secretary Lee Norman says that has turned the state into a “natural experiment…


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Cases like this do provide useful data.  We should be focusing a lot of attention on how to collect it, how to interpret it, how to use it for the questions which remain, specifically about when or if to reopen schools, and if so, will masks help, etc.


We will get another useful dataset soon, with regard to schools: some of them open this week in California.  Our local high school will not open, but we had registration today, where I volunteered to help direct traffic, distribute texts, disrupt major felonies, that sorta thing.  Might be a minor spreader event.


That bike rally sure looks to me like it should be a super-spreader event, but I fear we are failing to collect useful data from it.



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