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Do you have a link to the underlying data?

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> *Covidiots for Science:* Kansas Governor Laura Kelly ordered masks worn
> statewide to fight the coronavirus starting July 3 — but counties are
> allowed to opt out. Only 15 counties, representing about two-thirds of
> Kansas’s population, adopted the mandate; the other 90 counties didn’t.
> Kansas Department of Health and Environment Secretary Lee Norman says that
> has turned the state into a “natural experiment,” with the counties lacking
> mask mandates acting as a control group. “The experimental group is winning
> the battle,” said Dr. Norman, a former U.S. Air Force flight surgeon. “All
> of the improvement in the case development comes from those counties
> wearing masks.” A chart comparing the seven-day rolling average of daily
> COVID-19 cases shows the stark difference masks are making, with a clear
> decrease in cases starting on July 12 in counties requiring masks. He says
> that the 90 counties could see dramatic improvement if they required masks.
> “The no mask counties are flat,” he said. (MS/McPherson Sentinel) *...Flattening
> the curve isn’t enough anymore; it’s time to sink this.*
> *bill w*
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