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*Covidiots for Science:* Kansas Governor Laura Kelly ordered masks worn
statewide to fight the coronavirus starting July 3 — but counties are
allowed to opt out. Only 15 counties, representing about two-thirds of
Kansas’s population, adopted the mandate; the other 90 counties didn’t.
Kansas Department of Health and Environment Secretary Lee Norman says that
has turned the state into a “natural experiment,” with the counties lacking
mask mandates acting as a control group. “The experimental group is winning
the battle,” said Dr. Norman, a former U.S. Air Force flight surgeon. “All
of the improvement in the case development comes from those counties
wearing masks.” A chart comparing the seven-day rolling average of daily
COVID-19 cases shows the stark difference masks are making, with a clear
decrease in cases starting on July 12 in counties requiring masks. He says
that the 90 counties could see dramatic improvement if they required masks.
“The no mask counties are flat,” he said. (MS/McPherson Sentinel)
the curve isn’t enough anymore; it’s time to sink this.*

*bill w*
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