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> It's very troubling to see scientists overtly wading into politics lately
> between this and that idiotic #defundSTEM movement, and top tier
> publications like Nature and Science carrying water for them.

### It is very troubling. There used to be a time when STEM scientists were
reluctant to wade into politics, the occasional Manhattan Project
notwithstanding. Now it seems that the corruption that started in the
English lit and sociology departments and swept over college administration
now is infecting STEM.

They say that power corrupts. I think they have it ass-backwards: Power
attracts the corrupt. The corrupt corrupt everything they touch. The state
in its pure, halcyon days had a bit of power, attracted the corrupt and it
was corrupted. As it became corrupt it amassed more power, because the
corrupt desire it more than anything. As its power spreads, it engulfs and
corrupts greater areas in the flesh of our society. Scientists acquired a
taste for the polluted monies printed by the corrupt, and so became corrupt
as well. Now the corrupt are speaking out loud, and the timid timidly go
along, hoping to be spared for the time being.

You notice the repetitive cadence of my writing. It alludes to the waves of
decay that reverberate through the telluric realms, always battering at our
minds. The decay seems to be a bit worse than usual. Will it be repaired or
will it feedback into death and destruction? Hard to tell.

It is troubling.

The Moon beckons.

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