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> Not necessarily. I've heard various arguments that suggest religion
> confers some sort of evolutionary advantage but I've never found them to be
> very convincing;

### The ancient Greeks lost faith in their gods, started murdering their
children, especially their daughters. They got conquered by the ancient
Romans, for lack of hoplites. The Romans lost faith in their gods, started
killing their children and soon the Vandals had their way with the
leftovers, for lack of legions. Some weirdo Romans started worshipping the
god of the Jews, who is displeased by killing children, and presto, those
Romans made it through, proselytized, and spread. Some of the offshoots of
that spread, like the Irish and the Poles, were doing well in the breeding
department but then they lost faith in the god of the Jews, and bam,
fertility dropped like a stone. Or take those Iranians - from 6 children
per devout Muslima 50 years ago to 1 point something per faithless modern
Iranian girl.

Doesn't look like a coincidence to me.

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