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> H is new to me. The Big Five, as they are known, are robust constructs
> that have been researched to death. To add a number six to the Big Five
> would require some replicable demonstration that it is in fact a unique and
> valid personality factor. All new constructs start this way. So it may be
> valid but just new. It will need to prove itself worthy still.
> -Henry

### The Big Five is not a complete description of human personality. It's
just the kind of structure that you can observe in a large body of
statements that people make in response to questions about their behavior.
There are many types of information about personality that is highly
relevant to social functioning but is very difficult to elicit on a
questionnaire. This is why psychologists come up with new specialized
scores, like narcissism scores or the Hexaco dimensions.

In my mind there is no doubt that there is a lot more to be discovered
about personality.

I just bought the H Factor book on Kindle.

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