[ExI] What are everyone's life extension strategies?

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> Good Question.
> I'm in no way an expert at any of this, so I just trust the experts at
> Thrivous, and take both of these stacks:
> https://thrivous.com/products/nootropic-stack
> https://thrivous.com/products/geroprotector-stack
> Is there anything I'm missing with these?
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> > Hopefully this topic is not verboten on a list about extropianism, but I'm
> > curious if anyone is experimenting with different pharmaceuticals or
> > supplements for either life extension or enhancement (i.e. nootropics,
> > etc.).
> > Just to start the conversation, I will share my personal life extension
> > (hopefully!) stack:
> > Pulsed rapamycin
> > Metformin
> > Candesartan
> > Low dose tadalafil
> > nicotinamide riboside / pterostilbene
> > Resveratrol
> > I've also considered adding a statin although I am hesitant due to some
> > potential side effects.
> > I am also planning on a quarterly senolytic regime of dasatinib and
> > quercetin, and have the drug but have not started yet.
> > I'm personally interested in hearing about any nootropics or other
> > enhancers people are experimenting with.
> > I can provide more detail on why I am taking the above combo if anyone is
> > interested.

### For years I've been interested in the supplements people take and was glad to see this topic (I've had a backlog of digests to review). I edit a lot of research into vitamin D3, for instance. Here's my regimen, and I'm happy to discuss further on- or offlist. (It kills me that I can't italicize or use small caps or subscripts in this plain-text message.)

Multivitamin (Dr. Tobias Adult)
L-Glutathione reduced
Quercetin with bromelain
Berberine + vitamin C + Zn
Cayenne pepper
Marshmallow root
N-Acetyl cysteine + Se + Mo
Apple cider vinegar
Grapefruit seed extract
Coenzyme Q10
Calcium citrate + vitamin D2 + Mg + Cu + Mn
Oxaloacetate + vitamin C
Glucoraphanin (from broccoli seed extract) + myrosinase
Cinnamon bark
Gamma-linolenic acid + ginsenoside + withaferin A
Omega-3 fish oil (pretty much the only animal product I ingest)
PQQ disodium salt
Vitamin D3 (10,400 IU/day)
Vitamin K2
AMPK (CaCO3 + hesperidia + gynostemma extract)
Senolytic activator (weekly; quercetin + phosphatidylcholine complex + theaflavins)

Suggestions always welcome. For some of those, I can accept that Sheldon Cooper may be right and that I'm just getting very expensive urine. But my serum level of vitamin D has been stellar for over a decade. As a pale redhead, I don't get much sun exposure to synthesize my own. I keep my doctor informed of all supplements I take. But with so many variables, I have no way to gauge how effective the regimen is, if at all. Most likely, my exercise (lots of Les Mills RPM [basically spin class] and BodyPump [weight training], plus running/hiking with the dog) and my nutrition are benefiting me the most.

I'd like to see about taking metformin, but I'm not sure exactly how to go about getting it as a nondiabetic. I doubt my doctor would prescribe it purely to satisfy my curiosity about it.

Wishing everyone a great day,

Gabe Waggoner

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