[ExI] Who has a vote that counts?

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>> > ### I want to avoid legitimizing the system. If I never voted for it, you can't blame me.
> I think Paul von Hindenburg was a pretty terrible human being, but if I was a German in 1932 I would've voted for him, and if I survived the upcoming war in 1952 I would have look back at that vote with pride. If I had voted for his opponent or just not voted at all I would be filled with shame, because there is no bottom to bad.

Recall who Hindenburg helped a certain other person to seize control about a year later. I’d say he was one of history’s great enablers. And let’s not forget his role in popularizing the stab in the back myth. See:


The best thing about Hindenburg in 1932 was that he wasn’t going to live that long. But that didn’t help matters much, did it?


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