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>> I think Paul von Hindenburg was a pretty terrible human being, but if I
>> was a German in 1932 I would've voted for him, and if I survived the
>> upcoming war in 1952 I would have look back at that vote with pride. If
>> I had voted for his opponent or just not voted at all I would be filled
>> with shame, because there is no bottom to bad.
> *> Recall who Hindenburg helped a certain other person to seize control
> about a year later. *

Yes, but there was no way to have known that in 1932.

*> I’d say he was one of history’s great enablers.*

Being an enabler is bad, but not as bad as the monster that is being enabled

*> And let’s not forget his role in popularizing the stab in the back myth.
> *

No. As I said before, Hindenburg was a pretty terrible human being, but for
the purposes of this discussion we CAN forget it.

> The best thing about Hindenburg in 1932 was that he wasn’t going to live
> that long.

No, that was the very worst thing about him! Hindenburg never lost his
popularity with the people, if he had remained healthy and vigorous history
might have turned out very differently.

John K Clark
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