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> … then I sometimes tend to get a bit annoyed, although I usually manage to hide my displeasure. 


 John K Clark



Indeed sir?  We didn’t know you were capable of that.


Sheesh, sensa huma John, oy.


All this cool stuff going on all around us, the LIGO results, the gravity science moving faster and farther in the last 5 years than in our previous lifetimes, quantum supremacy (maybe (depending on how you measure it)), all that cool DNA science on a charge, what a marvelous time to live for science and tech guys.  I see a hundred things before breakfast that make me grateful to be alive in 2020.  


John, we know what annoys you (well, we vaguely suspect it anyway (as you have given us a number of subtle hints (on occasion (continually for the several years)))) but I can’t imagine you or anyone going around like that always (because our mothers warned us your face might stick in that configuration donchaknow) so you must take a break from that emotional state at least occasionally.


So tell us John if you will: what brings joy to your heart please?



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