[ExI] privacy in class

spike at rainier66.com spike at rainier66.com
Wed Aug 12 15:47:02 UTC 2020

We don't know how the heck we are going to do this.

Virtual learning at home starts tomorrow.  The medium is either Zoom or
Google Meets, teacher's choice.  The students have ChromeBooks issued but
they are not required to use them.  They are required to either use the
ChromeBooks or have a webcam so that the teacher can verify if the student
actually present (motion, rather than a cardboard image to verify presence)

What we don't know is how to deal with privacy in homes or how that will
work.  Virtual backgrounds are available, but we don't have the authority to
compel the students to use them, because some students don't want to use
those tiny school-issued ChromeBooks (for understandable reasons) but their
own computers do not support virtual backgrounds.

How do we deal with privacy please?

And what if something bad happens while the camera is rolling.  With
distance learning, does this count a school shooting?


And what about that whole dress code thing?  We get it on-campus, because
high schools have always been a fashion show, and teenage girls have been
teasing teenage boys since way back when teenagers were first invented,
which was before my time.  But the campus dress code doesn't apply to the
home, and it is still summer.  Of course these young ladies will figure out
how to set those cameras at exaaaactly the right height, show up with bare
shoulders and just bask in the virtual attention.

And what if... some NRA supporter shows up to virtual class with gunracks
and disturbing images on the wall behind her, and the other students claim
she is breaking their concentration worse than the bare-shouldered young
siren?  And what if someone has a MAGA hat on the shelf in back there and
mass insanity breaks out?

We don't know what will happen tomorrow.  Speculation please?


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