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How do we deal with privacy please? spike

There is no way you can force people to alter the backgrounds in their
homes, so I think that privacy is up to the students, who should be warned
about that.  What about nudist homes, where Mama might waltz through the
house, naked as a rock?  Up to them, but that particular example might be a
misdemeanor - obscene (how is that women's bodies can be the most beautiful
and desired thing and also be obscene?  I will wonder about this till I
die).   bill w

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> We don't know how the heck we are going to do this.
> Virtual learning at home starts tomorrow.  The medium is either Zoom or
> Google Meets, teacher's choice.  The students have ChromeBooks issued but
> they are not required to use them.  They are required to either use the
> ChromeBooks or have a webcam so that the teacher can verify if the student
> actually present (motion, rather than a cardboard image to verify presence)
> What we don't know is how to deal with privacy in homes or how that will
> work.  Virtual backgrounds are available, but we don't have the authority
> to
> compel the students to use them, because some students don't want to use
> those tiny school-issued ChromeBooks (for understandable reasons) but their
> own computers do not support virtual backgrounds.
> How do we deal with privacy please?
> And what if something bad happens while the camera is rolling.  With
> distance learning, does this count a school shooting?
> https://cbs12.com/news/local/domestic-shooting-in-indiantown-suspect-in-cust
> ody
> And what about that whole dress code thing?  We get it on-campus, because
> high schools have always been a fashion show, and teenage girls have been
> teasing teenage boys since way back when teenagers were first invented,
> which was before my time.  But the campus dress code doesn't apply to the
> home, and it is still summer.  Of course these young ladies will figure out
> how to set those cameras at exaaaactly the right height, show up with bare
> shoulders and just bask in the virtual attention.
> And what if... some NRA supporter shows up to virtual class with gunracks
> and disturbing images on the wall behind her, and the other students claim
> she is breaking their concentration worse than the bare-shouldered young
> siren?  And what if someone has a MAGA hat on the shelf in back there and
> mass insanity breaks out?
> We don't know what will happen tomorrow.  Speculation please?
> spike
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