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>>…How do we deal with privacy please? spike


>…There is no way you can force people to alter the backgrounds in their homes, so I think that privacy is up to the students, who should be warned about that.  What about nudist homes, where Mama might waltz through the house, naked as a rock?  Up to them, but that particular example might be a misdemeanor - obscene (how is that women's bodies can be the most beautiful and desired thing and also be obscene?  I will wonder about this till I die).   bill w



On the contrary for one adjective please BillW: if mama (or more likely a mischievous sister) strolls by in all her refulgent glory in the student’s background, in the home, that is neither a misdemeanor nor obscene.  That person (identity unknown (since she appeared only from the neck down)) was presumably in her own home, where her manner of dress (or un) is her own business.  She did not broadcast anything, even if her brother did.  Her brother committed no misdemeanor, for there is no evidence he asked, hired, dared, wagered or compelled his accomplice (?) to do that.


We are a status-seeking species.  It occurred to me there is a clear path to an arbitrarily-large helping of nearly-free risk-free status, one which surely will  occur to our young virtual learners, particularly those unfortunate nerds otherwise completely devoid of other sources of actual status (the kind of guys who will go to the most effort to get some (including cost and personal risk (you know the type (hell I AM the type.))))


Envision: teenage with a video camera (I have one) a video projector (I have one) and a silver projector screen (I have one (so all three available to my own son (and presumably others who are far more likely to pull off such a gag)) has everything he needs except one thing perhaps: a cooperative female participant. 


He sets up his video camera in his own room so that the top of the field of view is about 20 cm below the height of his adventurous sister or friend or hired accomplice.  He starts camera, leaves the home.  She gets out of uniform, creates a video of herself walking past, stage left to stage right, perhaps pretending to bend down to retrieve an object (buns appear briefly stage right) then walks back across stage right to stage left, perhaps briefly turning to face the camera just to remove any doubt.  She dresses and leaves, collecting her 20 bucks perhaps.  He returns, turns off video camera.  Now… he is ready to pull of the epic gag of the year.


OK.  Status-free lad goes to virtual class, except instead of his actual room in the background, he has cleverly substituted that silver screen with the video of his room with the cooperative friend/harlot/adventurous sister walking by in the background.  Goes to “class” in the virtual Brady Bunch matrix, Mr. Lorensax droning on about some irrelevant nothing, nekkid girl walks past twice in the background, motion catches the attention of the testosterone-factory classmates, they see it, deluge him with inquiries, at which time he pretends he didn’t notice and didn’t know anyone was ever behind him, weakly suggests he was home alone at the time (and has evidence that his mother and sister were accounted-for elsewhere) answers inquiries on the subject with a clueless whut? where?  what girl?  I didn’t notice any girl.  Oh her, ah, did she do that again?  That is just… oh a friend, or you know, someone, well nobody really, sorta…

And so on.  Keeps em guessing.


He becomes a legend, goes from zero to hero in 5 seconds, using only easily-envisioned and broadly available technology, with only a little cleverness required.  A smart techy sort might even be able to pull off the same gag using only free internet porn videos.







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