[ExI] privacy in class

Mike Dougherty msd001 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 19:37:12 UTC 2020

If the school issued a disclaimer that they're not able to "enforce" but
instead strongly "suggest" a code of conduct,  couldn't social mores/taboo
take care of the 2-3 "standard deviations" from population average? ;)

We're quarantined because a killer has literally "gone viral" and people
still want to get upset over puritan ideology about nakedness?  Why??

All of whatever background is really real in someone's home workspace
[homework space?] is part of their self expression.

I don't want my liberties infringed upon,  so I have to accept that others
might exercise their freedom too.

So ok, perhaps i don't want to see your content... why isn't the control
for background or gallery presence in MY control??  I find it incredibly
irritating when people use cursive font in business chat,  as if they
should be allowed to make text harder for me to read.  Should I be allowed
to color-correct my outbound video so I appear to be in film noir?  Or
maybe I'd like everyone to appreciate colorblindness so skew the amount of
red I send to them.

Isn't this technology just exacerbating the problems we've had maintaining
civilization [sic] in it's present form? So let's get on with making some
new rules. What IS worth worrying about?
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